My son helps me to master a brush.

About Me

I perceive painting as a craft that is very far from impulsive paint splattering. I am the kind of person that prefers to thoroughly research, study, and meticulously implement everything, including paint splattering. However, in the process of creating various shapes from light and shadows, I often get lost in time. How does it go so quickly?

I admire the vastness of different combinations of form, light, and colour surrounding us. People are what interests me the most. It is a whole universe of emotions and moods that manifest not only in people’s faces but also in the movements and plasticity of their bodies. Women, men, kids – they all are an incredible source of inspiration! And then the nature around us – sky, mountains, sea – these are all so diverse! And what’s even more interesting – nature can be so good at reflecting our inner world.

Mastering a craft requires getting well-skilled in all the technical aspects. People were searching for the best painting materials in the Stone Age, in the times of Leonardo da Vinci, and they are still searching for them now. In the modern art studio, you can find materials from all painting epochs –  from charcoal sticks, clay paints, and sun-dried oil paints to modern synthetic pigments and varnishes. It’s so great that we have the opportunity to take the positive experience tested for centuries and replace bad and even toxic materials with very good and safe modern alternatives.


  • 2003. Bachelor of Arts. National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”
  • 2004. Specialist, book design. National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”


May 2023

International Annual Theme Award: The parallel worlds. Art Revolution Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan).

September 2022

Group charity exhibition. To support Ukraine against the war crisis. Amoreiras (Lisbon, Portugal).

June 2022

Group charity exhibition. To support Ukraine against the war crisis. Oeiras Parque (Lisbon, Portugal).

October 2018

Group exhibition within the Junior Fashion Week. Kyiv International Convention Center PARKOVY (Kyiv, Ukraine).

October 2015

Group exhibition within the contemporary art festival of young artists “Feldman Art Park”. Feldman Ecopark (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

December 2014

Group exhibition “Brightnames” within the international art festival “Talent Energy Fest”. Kyiv Fortress (Kyiv, Ukraine).

October 2013

Group exhibition within the international art-project “Piligrims”. Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine).

July 2013

Solo exhibition within the “Lavra plein-air” project. National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical Cultural Preserve (Kyiv, Ukraine).