Mykola Koidan

Emotions, colour, and patterns…

In my paintings, I try to share my emotions and mood, and also pictures from my life that I enjoy. My goal is to show that with all this speed of the modern world, it’s sometimes worth stopping and enjoying what we already have. And I really like to combine detailed and realistic portraits with rough impressionist brush strokes for the background (environment). This way, I kind of give a wink to my audience that the surrounding world is illusory and it’s worth appreciating and exploring ourselves more.

Welcome To My Website

Hi! I am very glad to welcome you to my website. Here you can enjoy the portraits I create, see how I have fun with cats and dogs portraits combined with Old Masters paintings, and how I do some still life, landscape, and icon paintings. I also invite you to visit my blog for some tips and tricks and the contacts page if you get interested in something presented here.